dvd duplication



Send your CD tracks for duplication to our drop box:

When you place an order with us the quickest way do get your tracks for duplication to us is to use our drop box.

Simply click on the link below and upload your tracks to our drop box so we can download them at our end.

Our Drop box can be found using the link below or by clicking the sound cloud image below.


Or send them as a yourfullname.zip file via www.sendspace.com  to info@cdduplication247.co.uk

Alternativley you can post them to our workshop or drop your master into us in person.


Please make sure that your tracks have the corresponding track number in front of the file name ie

: 01-Your Track Name.mp3 ,02-Your Track Name.mp3 and so on.

If you send your tracks via email Please make sure that you are happy with the sound quality of the files that you send because your cd will sound Identical to the files you send. also for albums 

Here is a guide that may help: 

For an error free transaction you can send mp3` files the best mp3 quality is 320kbs please do not send mp3 files lower than 128kps 
alternativly you can send us 16 bit 44.1khz .wav files.


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