CD duplication


Templates and artwork Guide





you can send your artwork here
and either send your CD tracks or DVD ISO file to

or send them as a file via sendspace to making sure that they have the corresponding track number in front of the file name is: 01-Your Track Name.mp3 ,02-Your Track Name.mp3 and so on.

If you send your tracks via email Please make sure that you are happy with the sound quality of the files that you send because your cd will sound Identical to the files you send. also for albums

Here is a guide that may help:
For an error free transaction you can send mp3` files the best mp3 quality is 320kbs please do not send mp3 files lower than 128kps
alternativly you can send us 16 bit 44.1khz .wav files.

Artwork Guide

All artwork needs to be in high res rasterized PDF format with no guidelines or template marks. If you cannot provide a high res rasterized PDF save as a jpg in the highest resolution you can.

Please also provide the artwork in its original electronic format.

Artwork must be created at a minimum of 300 dpi (not converted to 300 dpi from a lesser resolution)
Artwork text must be at least 2mm from any edge
Artwork text must be no less than 4 point size


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